Please review the policies and procedure in their entirety, but a few highlights to remember with respect to attending camp.



  • Camp will provide snacks in the morning and afternoon, you will be responsible for providing lunch for your child.

  • Please alert us to any allergies. As this is a "bring your own lunch camp" we will have to separate the allergy children form any potential allergens.  Please be sure to send your own clearly labeled water bottle to camp for your child.

  • Every day we will be outside weather permitting, please apply sunscreen/bug spray to your child before drop off (and please do not apply while you are in line to sign in your child).

  • Any additional medications will need to be left with the Camp Director with clear instructions for the administration of these meds and a signed waiver of liability.  The medication form is included in the confirmation email.

  • On rainy days, during some lunches or during before & after care we will show movies. All movies will be rated PG or lower.

  • Make sure to bring your photo ID and be listed as an authorized pickup as they will be required to pick up your child. Please be patient during pick up time as we ensure everyone's safety.  If additional authorized pickups are required, please be sure to email us at community@renaissanceyouth.com to get them added to the list.

Policies & Procedures

Hours of Operation: Our camp hours will run from 9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday-Friday.

Early Campers (before hours campers) may arrive no earlier than 7:30am, even if our instructors are already there, we use this time to prepare for all the fun activities of the day! Aftercare starts at 4:00pm and ends promptly at 6:00pm.

  • Drop Off / Pick Up Procedures: Any adult or licensed teenager may drop the children off. Only adults (teen siblings are allowed too) listed as an authorized pick up person will be allowed to pick up children. Any changes to this list must be made in writing, email to community@renaissanceyouth.com. Any persons not allowed to have contact with your children should also be identified in writing, same email above. All persons should be able to show photo identification when requested by the counselors.

  • Late Pick-Up Policy: Any late pickups or early drop-offs will be charged $1 per minute (please be on time!). If there is an emergency please call as soon as possible to let us know. Payment for late pickups must be made before the next day attended by your children.

  • Medical Information/Allergies: Please ensure all medical and allergy information is filled out during registration. Please ensure all meciations are labeled with childs name, parents phone number and periodicity (ziploc bags and masking tape work great!). For allergies, we will work out alternatives to snacks if there is a need.

  • Lunch Policy: You are responsible for providing lunch everyday for your children. Please have the lunch be ready to eat (no microwaves or ovens). We will not allow children to go hungry and will charge parents for any additional costs incurred to feed your child. Please don't take this as we have a lunch option. :) Lunch will cost $10.00 per child.

  • Snack Time: We will provide snacks (twice a day) as well as water (anytime). Snacks are not a substitute for lunch :)

  • Messy Day Fridays: Every Friday afternoon we will have a “messy” event day (i.e. water day, bubble day) ensure you pack a full separate set of clothes and a towel for that day. Water shoes are a good optional item as well.

  • Sunscreen Policy: If you would like sunscreen on your child please apply it to him/her in the morning before arriving at camp. If you would like for us to reapply sunscreen be sure to bring spray on sunscreen and label with your childs name.

  • Electronic Device Policy: Kids may bring their electronic devices and use them only during before and after care. During regular camp hours all electronic devices will be stored in a safe place. Please ensure your device is properly labeled. Ensure devices are charged the night before, we will not let children use the outlets.

  • Discipline: This is a summer camp and we will get rambunctious and wild at times, we'll run and be loud! While normal school behavior isn't expected, a level of decorum will be required. At the very least children will be expected to keep their hands to themselves, listen to the counselors and use appropriate language. Any continual disruptive behavior will be reported to parents. Further continuation of misbehavior will result in suspension or removal from camp without a refund.

Refund/Cancellation Policy: If for any reason you need to cancel your registration for summer camp full refunds are issued up until 1 weeek prior to the start of that week of camp. The seperate Active Network fee is not refundable.  If you cancel within less that 7 days notice a 50% refund will be issued.  No refunds issued for non-attendance during week of camp.


If you have any questions please email us at community@renaissanceyouth.com