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In 2009, Ryan saw a need for a change of pace for his career. He looked high and low and wouldn't you know it, he stumbled upon this little start up franchise called Soccer Shots. Within a month he had purchased the rights to the North Florida franchise and well the rest is history. 4 years later he would start a similar company called Next Generation Athletics that specialized in other sports, most notably Archery and the following year he had the opportunity to add the North Florida Engineering for Kids franchise to the family of offerings. We have had great success running fun, entertaining and educational youth programing during the school year and half-day specialty summer camps through our various businesses.  

However, our one biggest requests has been to run full day camps to accommodate our working parents and to be able to provide their children the same great programs that stay at home parents could.

Thus began the story of Renaissance Youth.  We bring kid tested and approved programing developed through our years of youth education experience and have created a full day summer camp with exciting activities to provide the ultimate summer camp experience!

Meet The Team

Ryan Murphy


Renaissance Youth

Nikki Blumberg

Business Director

Leeza Cubbage

Summer Camp Director

Our children have a future.  They are our future.  It's our goal as parents and caregivers, coaches and teaches to ensure they live the most positive and fulfilling futures possible.  The path to a positive future is lined with gardens; metal, physical and spiritual gardens.

We in Renaissance Youth strive to be one of the ways that parents choose to grow their children's gardens.  As coaches and teachers, let's make it an easy choice for parents.

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"Scientist discover the world that exist; Engineers create the world that never was."
~ Theodore Von Karmen ~

Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. We positively impact children’s lives on and off the field through our best-in-class coaching, communication and curriculum.

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6100 Greenland Road, Suite 304

Jacksonville FL 32258


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